[Android] [Archive] LexiComp 1.9.2 with 18/12/2014 Database


  • Allow Unknown sources in your device (Settings>Security)
  • All .7z files can be opened by 7-Zip
  • For password, click here. * As promised, more frequent updates because you guys helped us! *


  1. Download LexiComp 1.9.2 (2014.12.18).7z and unzip it with 7-Zip.
  2. Find a way to put the LexiComp 1.9.2 (JulAug2013).apk in your device, then install it (eg: Upload file to your Google Drive and download & install from it). If already installed, you do not need to uninstall it. However if the process doesn’t work, delete all cache and files in Phone > Settings > Apps > LexiComp before uninstalling and reinstall it.
  3. Open the unzipped folder & copy the lexi folder.
  4. Go to My computer>Phone & paste the lexi folder in the SD Card (SD Card>lexi). If no sd card, paste it in the root (Phone>lexi). If there’s already a lexi folder (older database), delete it before pasting.


  • Another way to transfert the folder from your computer to your phone is to use Airdroid (if you have a router, Wifi is recommended over your telecom’s data for obvious reasons). This method of transfert is a lot faster than the conventional USB cable.


  • Can not update through LexiComp 1.9.2 (JulAug2013).apk app (no possible updates directly from your phone), but the app should be working. Possible update only if App is installed on a new phone or by doing a factory reset.

Source: http://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?t=341986

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5 Responses to [Android] [Archive] LexiComp 1.9.2 with 18/12/2014 Database

  1. Khaled says:

    Man! thanks, but Mega is a pain in the ar..
    you can always torrent it, or put it in a direct link, tusfile as an example.

  2. Tapan says:

    I cannot open the given link. DNS lookup failed!!
    What can I do? How can I download the file?
    Can u pls upload on zippyshare or 4shared or megaupload like sites??

  3. Tapan says:

    Used Ultrasurf to open the website. opened and downloaded data.
    Couldnt use 1.9.2 version somehow. Installed 2.2.1 version and could update LexiDrug online!! Installed other useful databases from the link.
    Thanks mate.

  4. akram says:

    I cant get the password of the compressed file

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