*[NEW]* [Android] IBM Micromedex Mobile Apps


  • Allow Unknown sources in your device (Settings>Security)
  • All .7z files can be opened by 7-Zip and password is medical-mobile.com
  • For password, click here.


  1. Micromedex Drug Interaction 2.8
  2. Micromedex Drug Reference 1.18
  3. Micromedex Pediatrics 2.4
  4. Micromedex Neofax 1.2
  5. Micromedex IV Compatibility


  • None

Sources: https://www.happymod.com/search.html?q=ibm

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*[NEW]* [Android] LexiComp 1.9.2 with 26/05/2015 Database


  • Allow Unknown sources in your device (Settings>Security)
  • All .7z files can be opened by 7-Zip
  • For password, click here. * As promised, more frequent updates because you guys helped us! *


  1. Download LexiComp 1.9.2 (2015.05.26).7z and unzip it with 7-Zip.
  2. Find a way to put the LexiComp 1.9.2 (JulAug2013).apk in your device, then install it (eg: Upload file to your Google Drive and download & install from it). If already installed, you do not need to uninstall it. However if the process doesn’t work, delete all cache and files in Phone > Settings > Apps > LexiComp before uninstalling and reinstall it.
  3. Open the unzipped folder & copy the lexi folder.
  4. Go to My computer>Phone & paste the lexi folder in the SD Card (SD Card>lexi). If no sd card, paste it in the root (Phone>lexi). If there’s already a lexi folder (older database), delete it before pasting.


  • Another way to transfert the folder from your computer to your phone is to use Airdroid (if you have a router, Wifi is recommended over your telecom’s data for obvious reasons). This method of transfert is a lot faster than the conventional USB cable.


  • Can not update through LexiComp 1.9.2 (JulAug2013).apk app (no possible updates directly from your phone), but the app should be working. Possible update only if App is installed on a new phone or by doing a factory reset.

Source: http://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?t=341986

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