[Android] [Archive] LexiComp 2.2.1 with 07/01/2013 Database


  • Allow Unknown sources in your device (Settings>Security)
  • All .7z files can be opened by 7-Zip and password is medical-mobile.com


  1. Download LexiComp 2.2.1 (20130107 Database).7z.001LexiComp 2.2.1 (20130107 Database).7z.002 & LexiComp 2.2.1 (20130107 Database).7z.003 and unzip it by combining both files with 7-Zip.
  2. Find a way to put the LexiComp 2.2.1.apk in your device, then install it. If already installed, you do not need to uninstall it. However if the process doesn’t work, delete all cache and files in Phone > Settings > Apps > LexiComp before uninstalling and reinstall it.
  3. Open the unzipped folder & copy the lexi folder.
  4. Go to My computer>Phone & paste the lexi folder in the SD Card (SD Card>lexi). If no sd card, paste it in the root (Phone>lexi). If there’s already a lexi folder (older database), delete it before pasting.


  • Updates through Wifi/Mobile network from LexiComp 2.2.1.apk has been expired, but app will always be working.

Source: http://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?t=341986

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35 Responses to [Android] [Archive] LexiComp 2.2.1 with 07/01/2013 Database

  1. esthererr says:

    Dear Admin,

    I used these files to try to get lexicomp to work on my phone. I don’t see the databases at all when i open lexicomp. I don’t know what else to do

  2. esthererr says:

    Hey admin! I hope you didn’t go crazy making another post. I tried again because I really wanted it to work. It worked!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m sorry for taking up so much of your time…

  3. Stephenie says:

    May I know where to get the apk file? I have download the three files but only managed to extract the first 7zip file. Is that normal? I was unable to find the apk anyway from the database.

    Many thanks for sharing.

    • esthererr says:

      Extract the first and third file together. So highlight them when using the program 7zip and then press extract. That should give you the correct file folder with the apk and databases.

      • Steph says:

        Thanks esthererr. I have downloaded and extracted all the databases. I have also installed the apk file. But, it does not seems to work for me. It said I have to update before it can be assessed and I failed to update any of the section. May I get some extra help here? Many thanks.

  4. Conti says:

    wonderful!! you upgrade my studies! I will wait for more updated data bases.
    thank you!

  5. kaysu says:

    part 3 can’t download

  6. Kazuya says:

    Copying the media part of the database is really slow. And by slow i mean VERY SLOOOW.
    Any one else experiencing this, or this is just my phone?

    Thx admin for sharing.

    • majid says:

      i do suffer form the same thing is your phone by any chance is HTC ??

      • admin says:

        This may be due because of Android restriction, transfer over usb can be really slow. There are 2 options I do:

        1- Transfer over wifi using Airdroid app
        2- Download parts, regroup them and zip them into 1 file and send it to your phone which will be quicker, download an android Zip app on your phone to unzip (destination of lexi folder). I am not sure if you need to root your phone first.

    • Tom says:

      Hi, first of all, thanks admin for the file! As a nursing student on a budget, this is helping me tremendously and I appreciate it! As to your problem, it took a very long time to transfer files into my phone (GSIII). What I found that helped solve my problem was to keep it as a .rar file but make it only 1 rar file, copy and paste the file into my phone via dropbox (free) or through a usb cable. I then extract the files directly onto my phone from my computer. Hope this helps.

  7. john says:

    password please…

  8. Rohyyt says:

    Asks Password…Please put the password…!!!

  9. upd says:

    any chance for an updated version/database?

  10. dr gaurav says:

    my lexicomp doesn’t show any database .i did everything again and again but i never shows anything .is it that i have used the latest trial version?

  11. gaurav says:

    i have a fool proof working database with main things esp lexi drugs and harrison.i upgraded my lexicomp to latest version .i have uninstalled cleared cache ,cleared data .formatted my card ,changed roms but of no use .what i have come to know after all this experimentation is lexicomp binds your email id info with the serial number kind of thing on your phone and keeps it on phone somehwere.i can post the lexicomp 1.7.7. with database for those who haven’t updated or those who are installing for first time .if anybody knows how to unbind the serial number kinda thing on phone with email id which shud be unique for that phone

  12. jon says:

    what is the password? pls

  13. cesar says:

    i have same problem, i copy databases to lexi folder, then i use the app and its ok, but when i close and open the app again there is no db. help me please.

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  18. et says:

    Dear admin

    i’ve downloaded all the files but have no clue what does it mean by combining files and unzipping.

    please kindly elaborate further

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  21. john says:

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