[Android] [Archive] LexiComp 2.2.1


  • Allow Unknown sources in your device (Settings>Security)
  • All .7z files can be opened by 7-Zip and password is medical-mobile.com


  1. Download LexiComp & LexiComp and unzip it by combining both files with 7-Zip.
  2. Find a way to put the LexiComp 2.2.1.apk in your device, then install it.
  3. Open app & go to update all database (valid until 2013/01/07). If updates don’t work (you install the app after the date), then follow these additional steps:
  4. Open 2012-12-18 Databases folder & copy the lexi folder.
  5. Go to My computer>Phone & paste the lexi folder in the SD Card (SD Card>lexi). If no sd card, paste it in the root (Phone>lexi).


  • Updates through Wifi/Mobile network from LexiComp 2.2.1.apk will expire on 2013/01/07, but app will always be working.
  • The only way to update after 2013/01/07 is to follow the above steps (4-5) with more recent databases.

Source: http://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?t=341986

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8 Responses to [Android] [Archive] LexiComp 2.2.1

  1. hazem says:

    what is the password plz

    • o-0 says:

      I don’t think he will tell you as the password is already posted in the post.. you will be more surprised when you read the requirements section in bold..

  2. doctoras says:

    I have installed the apk after that date so I followed the steps 4 and 5. When I open the app I can’t see any of the databases……why?

  3. esthererr says:

    I’m sorry to bother you but when i add the databases into my phone, the only one i don’t have access to is lexi-drugs. Is there any way you can help?

    • admin says:

      Dear esther,

      It is a known issue. The good news is that a never database is available: Please read [Android] LexiComp 2.2.1 with 07/01/2013 Database posted on Feb 13 2013.

      Let me know if it works for you, because it should.

  4. gaurav says:

    i have a fool proof working database with main things esp lexi drugs and harrison.i upgraded my lexicomp to latest version .i have uninstalled cleared cache ,cleared data .formatted my card ,changed roms but of no use .what i have come to know after all this experimentation is lexicomp binds your email id info with the serial number kind of thing on your phone and keeps it on phone somehwere.i can post the lexicomp 1.7.7. with database for those who haven’t updated or those who are installing for first time .if anybody knows how to unbind the serial number kinda thing on phone with email id which shud be unique for that phone

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